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Naka-Karuizawa station Shuttle bus( South Exit )

2018 / 11 / 5 〜 2019 / 3 / 31 Train & Shuttle bus Time schedule

The shuttle bus may be crowded, so you may not be able to get on by capacity over. Please come by public transportation as much as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please take Shinano railway to Naka-Karuizawa station.( from Karuizawa station:1 stop, 5 min, one way 230yen).
It's unnecessary to reserve.The time schedule may change depend on the traffic condition.
Please leave your big baggage in the lockers available at Karuizawa station and other such locations before boarding the shuttle bus.
※Please note that as of April 1st, 2019, Hoshino Area shuttle bus will no longer be in service. Therefore, please use public transportation instead.

Karuizawa Sta. -> Naka-Karuizawa Sta. -> Hoshino Area

Shinano railwayFrom Karuizawa Sta,
shuttle BusFrom Naka-Karuizawa Sta.
To Hoshino Area

Hoshino Area -> Naka-Karuizawa Sta. -> Karuizawa Sta.

Shuttle BusFrom Hoshino Area
Shinano railwayFrom Naka-Karuizawa Sta.
To Karuizaw Sta.

Naka-Karuizawa Shuttle Bus Information

  • Naka-Karuizawa Bus Stop
  • Hoshino Area Bus Stop
– Hoshino Area shuttle bus is reserved for the sole use of customers using each facility. (No reservation necessary, free of charge.)
– As the South Exit to Naka-Karuizawa Station is a public space, there is no bus stop. Please board buses that arrive bearing the sign “To Hoshino Area”.
– Guests staying at or using ‘Hoshinoya Karuizawa’ or ‘Hotel Bleston Court’ should use the hotel guest bus that departs from and arrives at Karuizawa Station. For details, please see this page.
  • Hoshinoya Karuizawa Shuttle Bus Time Table
  • Hotel Bleston Court Shuttle Bus Time Table