New jewelry brand “hyf.” from CRAFY・glänta2024/06 / 01-2024 / 08/31


The handmade ring workshop "CRAFY・glänta" will hold a POP UP SHOP of "hyf.", a new jewelry brand that started in February 2024.

"CRAFY・glänta" opened on Harunire Terrace in July last year. You can experience ring making with two brands: handmade ring brand "CRAFY" and handmade accessory shop "glänta".

The ``hyf.'' jewelry that we offer as a POP UP SHOP is different from handmade jewelry, and is a new brand with designers' attention to detail.
We started in February of this year as a brand that values ​​beauty of form, grandeur, tradition, and craftsmanship.

“Just look at it and wear it.
An unchangeable thing that allows you to return to your original self.
freedom, independence, playfulness
“Things that are inherited and connected”

Based on the concept, it is characterized by adding a new essence to classic designs that have been inherited from the past to the present and give a sense of history and romance.

Please take a look at this opportunity.

Jewelry brand “hyf.” POP UP SHOP
Period: 2024/6/1 (Sat) - 2024/8/31 (Sat)
Brand site: hyf.
Contact Us: CRAFY・glänta