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  • "Picchio Children's Adventure Club Summer" is a great day for adults and children alike

"Picchio Children's Adventure Club Summer" is a great day for adults and children alike2024/7/13-7/15, 2024/7/20-8/31


We are pleased to announce the launch of "Picchio Children's Adventure Club Summer," a one-day summer camp for elementary school children.

This program is set in a wild bird forest and allows you to learn about nature while having fun.
This year, the event will alternate between two themes: "Adventure in the Forest! Advance on Summer Animal Trails," in which participants explore animal trails using a map and compass, and "Children's Secret Base! Forest Day Camp," in which participants will experience building a base in nature while learning survival skills such as how to safely use a knife and how to make a fire.
We prepare our own camping meals for lunch and enjoy s'mores, a marshmallow and chocolate snack made over a campfire.
Take part in an adventure in the middle of nature, where you will have to rack your brains and come back a little stronger. Picchio will do its best to support you in this experience.

Another great thing about this program is that it only takes care of children, so parents can relax and enjoy their own time.
Enjoy shopping and dining at Harunire Terrace, or take a leisurely stroll along the nearby promenade. Since you're in Karuizawa, it would be wonderful if everyone could spend a fulfilling time together, with adults refreshing themselves with some time to themselves and children making memories through a natural experience.

In the evening, it might be nice to spend time sharing the fun times together and deepening your summer memories.

For program details and reservations, please visit the Picchio official website.

Picchio Children's Adventure Club
期間: 2024/7/13-7/15, 2024/7/20-8/31
Time: 9:00-16:00
Price: From 15,000 yen (including lunch) *Prices vary depending on the date of participation
Target: Elementary school students (only children will be taken care of)

Details and reservations

During the Children's Adventure Club, we also hold nature watching events that adults can enjoy.

Wild Bird Forest Nature Watching
Period: Held every day
Time: 10:00-12:00, 13:30-15:00
Prices: Adults from 2,500 yen, 4 years old to elementary school students from 1,200 yen *Rental binoculars 300 yen (only for those who wish)
Target: Anyone (children under elementary school age must be accompanied by a guardian)

Details and reservations