As you walk through the trees and up the hill, you will come to two churches. Would you like to escape from your everyday life, be surrounded by the sunlight filtering through the trees, and take a deep breath?

Karuizawa Kogen Church

It is a church with a triangular roof on top of a hill. Anyone can visit the church and the rectory next door.
Karuizawa is a place where a church culture has been nurtured since the arrival of Anglican missionaries in 1886. “Karuizawa Kogen Church” was born in 1921 with the “Art Freedom Education Seminar” as its origin. It has a history of being a gathering place for cultural figures of the time, such as Hakushu Kitahara and Toson Shimazaki. The spirit of everyone freely gathering and talking has been passed down to this day and is loved by generations.

Stone Church

Kanzo Uchimura, a Christian, preached how the church should be without being bound by formality or system.
For him, the church was the world that God had created. He believed that the life within this magnificent world could be prayed for as it is. These ideas are the foundation of the Stone Church Uchimura Kanzo Memorial Hall.
Kendrick Kellogg, who looked up to Frank Lloyd Wright as his mentor, sensed the uniqueness of the area and expressed his ideas in organic architecture. With its solid stone arches, light shining through them, lush greenery, and flowing water, this church is a unique space of prayer born from a dialogue with nature.