Forest and waterside cafeIKARU Café

Opening hours

10: 00-17: 00 (LO16: 30)

A cafe facing Kera Pond. The sofa overlooking the pond is a special seat that Picchio highly recommends. In the warmer months, the large windows open, creating an open space that combines the forest and waterside. Enjoy cafe lattes with wild bird designs, herbal teas, and hand-drip coffee while feeling the sounds of the forest.
By the way, squid is a bird that cries, "Please give me a cup of coffee!" Try imitating a squid when ordering a drink. Something fun happens.

Business Information

Store name
0267-45-7777 (Picchio)
Opening hours
10: 00-17: 00 (LO16: 30)
Number of seats
16 seats inside, 6 seats on the terrace
Admission of pets
Terrace seats only available
There is a toilet inside the store