Appears when the pond freezes
skating rink in the forest

The concept is "a skating rink that feels like a forest."
The Keraike Skating Rink is formed by a frozen pond in the forest. Adjacent to Karuizawa Wild Bird Forest, the area is home to many wild birds and animals.
Explore small islands in the pond and look for fallen leaves trapped in ice. Enjoy a walk on the ice to your heart's content in the forests of Karuizawa.

Notice from

Winter 2023-24 business has ended. We are scheduled to resume operations on Friday, October 2024, 10.

Seasonal changes felt on the ice

Autumn leaves season

When the leaves turn red, the artificial area opens. You can enjoy skating while admiring the autumn leaves of the maple leaves and the yellow leaves of the larch trees.

Midwinter period

Usually around December, the natural ice area freezes over and the entire surface of the pond becomes a rink. Fallen leaves can be seen in the ice. Enjoy the highly transparent and smooth texture that is unique to natural ice.

Rare natural ice rink

A natural ice rink that was created because Karuizawa has very cold winters. It is a very rare item now.

After skating

Tea at Ikaru Cafe

The adjacent cafe will sell hot drinks inspired by the forest for a limited time. You can also take it out to the circular bench on the ice.

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Picchio Nature Tours

At Picchio, located in front of Kera Pond, nature tours are held where you can enjoy encounters with forest creatures. Tour contents vary depending on the season. Our staff who love nature will support you in encountering exciting flora and fauna.

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Business Information

Opening hours
*This season's business has ended.

Winter 2023-24 operations have ended. We are scheduled to resume operations on Friday, October 2024, 10.


Adults (junior high school students and above) 1,900 yen / Elementary school students and below 1,300 yen
*Includes shoe rental fee

Shoe size

15cm to 30cm
*15-blade skates available for 16cm and 2cm


Please be sure to wear gloves and a knit cap (or helmet).

Rental listing

・Helmet ・Chair with sled (free)
・Seat for small children 1,300 yen
*Includes admission fee for small children

For sale

Gloves (300 yen), knit cap (500 yen)


P1 parking lot (next to Villager's Restaurant)
*About 5 minutes walk


0267-45-7777 (Picchio)

User Guide

・Due to weather conditions, the skiing range may change without notice.
・On busy days (Christmas, year-end and New Year holidays, weekends, holidays, etc.), the number of users and time may be limited for safety management reasons.
・We cannot be held responsible for accidents, injuries, theft or loss of money or goods that occur within the link.