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■About the shuttle bus
We run the shuttle bus from Karuizawa station(night time only) or Naka-Karuizawa(day time only) station.
Please leave your big baggage in the lockers available at Karuizawa station or Naka-karuizawa station and other such locations before boarding the shuttle bus.

■You can use public transportation.
【Seibu Kanko Bus】
Departs from the North Exit of Karuizawa station. Get on the bus bound for “Karuizawa Eigyosho / Kusatsu Onsen” and get off at the “Hoshino Onsen Tombo-no-yu” bus station. Please refer to this site.

【Shinano railway】
Get off the train at Naka-Karuizawa station, which is one station from Karuizawa station (4 minutes). From there, it is a 17-minute walk or 5 minutes by taxi. Please refer to this site.

Masuya Kotsu 0267-45-5223
Karuizawa Kanko Taxi 0267-45-5408
Asama Kanko Taxi 0267-45-5264

■For hotel guests
Guests staying at or using ‘Hoshinoya Karuizawa’ or ‘Hotel Bleston Court’ should use the special hotel guest bus that departs from and arrives at Karuizawa Station.For details, please see this page.
Hoshinoya Karuizawa
Hotel Bleston Court

Today's timetable

【From Naka-Karuizawa St.】Feb.-Mar. 2018
Time From Naka-Karuizawa St. From Hoshino Area
11a.m. 20 55  
12p.m. 35  
1p.m. 15 55 00 40
2p.m.   20 55
3p.m.   40
4p.m.   25
5p.m.   30
6p.m.   10 
【From Karuizawa St.】Feb.-Mar. 2018
Time From Karuizawa St. From Hoshino Area
5p.m. 20  
6p.m. 20  
7p.m.   20
8p.m.   20

Karuizawa St. South EntranceNaka Karuizawa St. South EntranceTombo-no-yu


*Request to bus tour groups and travel agents


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