After-bath cafeCafé Hungry Spot

Opening hours

9:30-22:00 (LO21:30)

After enjoying a relaxing bath at Tombo-no-Yu, how about a cold drink to quench your dry throat? At Café Hungry Spot, you can enjoy Karuizawa craft beer and soft serve ice cream after your bath.


Craft beer in Karuizawa

We always have four types of beer from Karuizawa's craft beer maker ``Yoho Brewing''. It has a wide variety of flavors, from mellow to fruity.

Flower bean soft

A Karuizawa-style soft-serve ice cream made with ``flower beans,'' which are said to only grow at an altitude of 800m or higher. The hearty, azuki-like flavor is a deliciousness you won't find anywhere else.

Hot spring egg pudding

A rich pudding made with hot spring eggs. Great for after a meal, after taking a bath, or as a souvenir.

Business Information

Store name
Café Hungry Spot
Opening hours
9:30-22:00 (LO21:30)
Reservation of seats
Admission of pets
Terrace seats only available
Takeout available, toilet available inside the store

Our thoughts

The origin of the store's name is the name of an Asiatic black bear called "Spot," which we don't want to forget. In the forest town of Karuizawa, everyone wants to coexist with bears. Picchio has been involved in bear protection and management activities for a long time and has been monitoring the spots. However, at some point Spot developed a habit of eating garbage left behind by humans. We tried various methods to return Spot to the forest, but we were unable to eliminate his habit of eating garbage in human settlements. To prevent an accident between humans and bears, Picchio was forced to kill Spot with poison.
We want to remember this painful experience and use it as a starting point for thinking about the relationship between humans and wild animals. We hope that someday, people and nature can live in harmony. The cafe ``Hungry Spot'' embodies this wish.