People gathering in a “beautiful village”
Hospitality with Shinshu food

Novelist Tatsuo Hori called Karuizawa a ``beautiful village'' in his works.
Sonmin-Shokudo, as its name suggests, is a casual dining restaurant that provides delicious hospitality to people visiting the beautiful village of Karuizawa. Enjoy an original menu based on Shinshu's local cuisine in an open space that takes in the greenery and light of the trees. Please feel free to stop by during your stroll.

From Sonmin-Shokudo

  • Tickets will be issued at the store starting 30 minutes before the store opens.
  • Depending on the waiting situation, we may close the registration early.

Recommended menu

Nagano Variety Set Menu

The restaurant's signature menu is packed with the flavors of Shinshu. You can enjoy small portions such as the main beef sukiyaki hotpot, Shinshu salmon, tempura and small side dishes made with seasonal ingredients. Please enjoy our carefully prepared dishes according to the season.

Japanese beef hitsumabushi

Luxurious two-colored bowls of tataki and simmered wagyu beef served with three kinds of condiments. To finish off the dish, you can enjoy it until the end by making it ochazuke-style with bonito stock and beef with sesame dressing.

Caesar salad with crunchy lettuce

A visually pleasing Caesar salad made with half a whole head of seasonal lettuce. Cut into crunchy pieces and enjoy with our special dressing.

Summer menu information

Business Information

Opening hours
11:30-21:30 (L.O20:30)
*Open for dinner only (from 3:17PM) on the 00rd Wednesday of every month


Reservation of seats

We do not accept reservations. We will guide you in order at the ticket issuing machine at the store.

Number of seats

90 seats

Admission of pets

Only 1 seat available (we will guide you in order)




There is a restroom inside the store, and children's chairs available.
Baby food (7 months, 9 months, 12 months) 500 yen each


Can you accommodate allergies?

We have a list of allergens available. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee removal.