Vacancy information is updated in real time, but may differ from the actual situation depending on the timing.
In addition, if a malfunction occurs in the equipment, accurate display may not be possible.

Parking fee (P1-P3)
First 30 minutes free
1 yen per hour thereafter (maximum 300 yen)
*Free for up to 2,000 hours from the time of entry for purchases totaling 2 yen or more (Applicable stores: Tombo no Yu, Harunire Terrace, Sonmin Shokudo, Picchio)
*P6, P7 and temporary parking lots are free
* Discount coupons will be issued at checkout
Usage flow (P1-P3)
  • Parking system
    The camera reads the vehicle number and the gate bar opens. There are no parking tickets.
  • Payment
    Please enter the four-digit vehicle number on the advance payment machine and make your payment. Payment is required even if you are within the free parking time.
  • Exit
    Please leave the parking lot within 20 minutes after paying. The camera reads the vehicle number and the gate bar opens.
Payment Method
In addition to cash, you can use the following cashless payments.
  • Credit card
  • Electronic money
Opening hours
7:00-23:00 (according to store business hours)
Please park your motorcycle in the bicycle parking area, not in the parking lot. You cannot enter through the parking gate.

Estimated time of full occupancy

The parking lot near Nakakaruizawa Station gets crowded.
If the parking lot is full, please proceed to [P6] and [P7] instead of waiting on the road.

Around 11:00 to 14:00
Around 12:00 to 13:00
Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays
Around 10:00 to 15:00
Around 11:00 to 14:00
Parking lot management regulations (PDF)


Where can I park my bike?

Please park in the bicycle parking lot near each parking lot. P1 is next to the villager's cafeteria, P2 and P3 are near the entrance.

P1: Please enter from the side of the entrance gate or exit gate without going through the entrance gate. Pass through the parking lot and use the bicycle parking lot next to "Sonmin Shokudo."
P2/P3: Please use the bicycle parking area in front of the parking gate.

Can I park a camper/microbus?